How much does a pool cost

How Much Does A Pool Cost In Pakistan

Have these pandemic days got you dreaming of lounging beside a swimming pool on a hot sunny day? When all you have to do is stay home, it doesn’t even feel like a luxury anymore. Interestingly, you don’t essentially need a million-pound budget to have your own swimming pool at home. Whether you’re thinking of constructing a pool in your backyard or on the terrace, the first thing that comes to mind is, ‘how much does a pool cost’?

Firstly, you have to decide on the type of swimming pool you want. There are common types of in-ground and above ground swimming pools for home-installation. In Pakistan, according to experts, the most preferred type is fibreglass in-ground pool.

How much does a pool cost

How Much Does a Pool Cost?

The cost of a swimming pool depends on several things. Before you make a decision to install a pool, the key factors to determine are:

  1. Consider your budget.
  2. Decide the type of pool, for e.g. in-ground, semi in-ground or natural etc.
  3. Choose the material you want to use i.e. steel, concrete or fibreglass.
  4. Select the shape (oval, round or classic) and the dimension of the pool.

So, the cost is one of the major concerns people have before constructing a home swimming pool. And, honestly, pools can be quite costly between construction, materials, decking and ongoing maintenance.

How much does a pool cost

In-ground Pools

When you plan to build a swimming pool at home, the idea starts with the backyard of your home. In-ground pools serve all the purposes, for you might want to have a pool in your home. Kids love these as they are great for swimming and provide a relaxation spot for the whole family. But, in-ground pools can be costly.

Ideally, concrete and fibreglass are the most popular options for in-ground swimming pool. Normally, an in-ground pool can cost between 20,000K and 30,000K rupees either concrete or fibreglass.

Concrete In-ground Pools

Concrete pools are the most popular choice for constructing at houses. They can be costly but can last up to 100 years with proper maintenance, making it a good lasting investment. There’s a whole variety of patterns and aesthetics available in different sizes and colours to finish the concrete pools. For example, porcelain, tiles or stone are commonly used at homes.

Fibreglass in-ground pool

Fibreglass pools have the same installation cost as concrete pools as stated above. Unlike concrete pools, fibreglass pools do not require acid-washing, draining and resurfacing. Resultantly, they are the easiest to maintain and have a low maintenance cost. Generally, they can last up to 25 years.

Cost of swimming pool maintenance

No matter what type you choose, every pool requires some maintenance. Insects and algae tend to produce in standing water. Other hygienic issues might erupt which require regular agitation and/or chemical handling to tackle. However, you must consider pool maintenance costs such as pool cleaning equipments, filtration equipments and heating engine beforehand.

How much does a pool cost

Low-cost pool installation

Pool experts say that first thing a homeowner asks, how much does a pool cost or what’s the lowest cost for a pool? It implicates that cost is the biggest concern for people. So, the best way is to get a few quotes and compare prices and reviews. Do a lot of research before jumping into the lowest quote because frequent repairs may cost you lots more than installation. Overall, Vinyl-lined pools cost the lowest amount up-front but require a substitute liner in almost every 10 years.

To conclude, you must consider each aspect before pool installation at home. To go with concrete, fibreglass or vinyl liner is purely your choice. But, we suggest you choose a long-term and durable option even it starts with a bigger initial cost. Because it won’t cost you much in frequent upkeep and you will enjoy the purpose of building a swimming pool without going into hassle.


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